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 Random chat, what I'm working on

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Random chat, what I'm working on Empty
PostSubject: Random chat, what I'm working on   Random chat, what I'm working on Icon_minitimeMon Oct 19, 2009 1:21 pm

Hi everyone Smile
I'm feel like I'm working on a million things right now.

I have an old 3 colour v-stitch blanket I've been making with bernat worsted. It's a red, white and blue, but a darker red and blue. I love it (I'll try to get some pictures to post). It reminds me of a sort of nautical theme, or seaside cabin.

I've also been working on closed granny squares, they're in Vanna yarn, purple, pink, purple & white veri, pink & white veri, teal and gray. All different sizes I'm super excited. I like the colours so much though I've been pondering making them scarves instead (or as well if there's enough).

I'm always making my bath stuff. That's the set I have listed on Etsy but I have many more different colours. I also seem to make myself a new cell phone case and coffee cozy frequently.

I made a little 2-colour (2 pinks) pocketbook the other day, I plan to line it with a pretty fabric and give it a zipper and maybe a pocket inside if I feel brave. It's got a nice flower on the side.
I was bored with my current works the other day so I put them together and started to crochet, I think I was going to do a slipper or something, it just ended up a clutch which I love, love, love!

I've tried a zillion slipper patterns but nothing was working for me at all (I should check ravelry!) so I made up something. I haven't put it together yet though, I guess I'm kind of scared lol.

I made a couple of berets last year but can't remember quite how I did it, unfortunately they're given away though so I only have one or two grainy cell phone shots, I'm hoping it will come back in a dream.

Also making a baby blanket with squares. A bernat cottons in the baby colour verigated. For some reason I started doing them in different colours which is wierd since they're teh same colour throughout. I should put it together soon before it gets too big lol.

And my first ooak item was a bag which I LOVE, and want to make again and list, fingers crossed.

I think that's it at the moment, what are you all making? I would love some inspiration!
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Random chat, what I'm working on Empty
PostSubject: fghfgh   Random chat, what I'm working on Icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2011 2:14 am

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Random chat, what I'm working on
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